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  • 1) Register an account (By default your account will be disabled. You will get an "Access Denied" error when trying to log in. We'll manually enable your account. Please be patient.)
  • 2) Go to the "Product Listings" page
  • 3) Click "Add Product"
  • 4) This is the difficult part. Make sure all the settings are exactly as they appear here. Use the default description that every logo uses. 
  • 5) On the right side, add the template preview image at the "product image" section
  • 6) Under "Collections", select the genre of the logo
  • 7) Under "DIGITAL PRODUCT DETAILS", upload your logo files in the form of a .ZIP file.
  • 8) Click "Save Changes" at the bottom

You're all done! Your logo is now on LogoHive. You can edit the logo at any time.



  • LogoHive is not your personal logo dump. Despite having a system where you can upload your own products, this does not mean you have free reign to upload whatever you want to the site. We will still maintain a high standard of quality. If we feel a logo does not meet our standards, it will be pulled from the site.
  • Follow the guidelines that were outlined above. If you repeatedly fail to meet these guidelines, you will no longer be an official LogoHub seller. 
  • No abusing your power as a seller. Please do not upload spam or stolen work to the website.

These rules should be followed in addition to the Terms and Conditions. Repeated failures to obey will result in the termination of your account.