Can the same logo be purchased twice?

No. Each logo is limited to 1 buyer. After purchasing the logo, the logo will immediately be marked as sold and become unavailable for others to purchase.

How long does it take to receive my logo? 

You will instantly receive the download to your logo upon purchase. 

Can the text on a mascot logo be changed?

Yes. On the order page, you can request a text change in the "Request a Change from the Designer" field. 

How do you know these logos are original? 

We manually review every designer before they're allowed to sell on our storefront. We go to great lengths to assure our customers that our logos are 100% original and unique.

What formats do I receive when I purchase a logo?

Each logo has a vector file (AI, EPS or PDF) and PNG files. Vector files are industry standard. They can be used to print apparel, signs, business cards, jerseys, etc. PNG files can be used anywhere on the web. 

Can I order a logo from anywhere in the world?

Yes. If you're purchasing your logo with PayPal the currency will automatically convert.

Can I trademark my logo? 

Not only are you allowed to, but we'd highly recommend doing so. This is the best way to protect your logo from being misused.

Can I sell my logo after buying it? 

You're the only owner of your logo. You can do whatever you want with it.

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